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The MotM essay archive documenting our work and experience in Lampedusa, Rome and beyond.


28 May 2019


In which her friends take her in while she tends to the details before the US holiday.

21 May 2019

they are shackled and chained

In which she spends a week in Tucson witnessing Operation Streamline deportation hearings.

14 May 2019

This Is what’s up

In which we get caught up on three months, from Italy to Arizona.

14 March 2019

Out of the past

In which she reunites with Ebrima after two years.

25 February 2019

everything you need

In which she packs her suitcase for good.

31 December 2018

Reflect, Celebrate & Anticipate

Happy New Year 2019!

13 December 2018

you give me hope

18 months later, we hear from Yanks, too.

12 December 2018

i will be in touch with you always

Out of the blue, we hear from Ousman.

16 November 2018

Brave new world

Part II: In Milan, in which she visits il pronto soccorso.

30 October 2018

Going with the flow

Part I: In Malta, in which she loses her voice.

14 September 2018


Observing New York City’s open wounds and the historical trajectory of ICE on 9/11.

22 August 2018

the quality of lives

Cries for help from migrants in camps across Italy.

23 July 2018

here together

The future of MotM + strings of humanity from D.C. to NYC.

9 July 2018


A report on migrant life in Rome in spring 2018.

8 July 2018

call it by its name

MotM Op-Ed: It is not a "political crisis." Migration in Europe is a humanitarian crisis and it is not over.

26 June 2018

rome: alien to itself

Rome's vicious cycle.

15 June 2018

Motm + the icmp partner

MotM partners for the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) conference at the Embassy of Switzerland in Rome.

2 May 2018

The news at sea

On anger and feeling forgotten.

20 March 2018

The Geography of time

“Manchi tu nell’aria” (“I miss you in the air”) ––Umberto Tozzi

5 February 2018

Solidarity in macerata

Hate and violence will not divide us.” –Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni

2 January 2018

new year note

On human compassion, moments of peace, and encounters with others that make life enriched.

19 December 2017


On confronting racism among contemporaries.

27 October 2017

going back to where you came from

Tourism in Lampedusa was 40% higher than it was last year. Tensions soar.

8 September 2017

One day in mexico

A startling confrontation with the US-Mexico border wall in Nogales, Mexico.

25 July 2017

random acts of kindness

Finding balance in a cross-border existence.

16 July 2017

A Weekend Disruption

Italy considers closing its borders, and other notes.
(Image courtesy: MSF_Sea)

31 May 2017

taming a transatlantic trauma

A cultural readjustment from Sicily to New York City to the Arizona desert.

18 May 2017

departures, reunions, returns

Preparing to leave Rome, where migrants are left unseen.

10 May 2017

the fluorescence

Bewilderment at the fluorescent border between worlds: from Libya to Lampedusa.

4 May 2017

way out there in the blue

An afternoon lost at sea.

27 April 2017

a recap from rome, milan and more

Beyond Lampedusa: from the Chiasso, Switzerland-Italy border, to Milan, Bergamo, and Rome.

18 April 2017

more than 8,000 easter arrivals

An Italian Easter weekend with thousands of migrant arrivals.

11 April 2017

the moon when the sky clears

Cloudy days of life in Lampedusa.

4 April 2017

landing in lampedusa

How we got here and where we are going.