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Meet Every Migrant – Now, In Italian

Read the stories of individual migrant journeys in a newly-expanded
Italian language section.


ROME, ITALY 25 June 2019 – Migrants of the Mediterranean (MotM) introduces the newly expanded section of its story archive in Italian, accessible here.

The migrant journey stories that were previously only available to read in English and in limited scope in Italian and in Spanish, are now more widely available for an Italian audience eager to understand the experience of the people living among them in Italy now.

While a strong English language journey story archive has been developing since autumn 2016 on Lampedusa island, the further expansion in Italian is aimed to help facilitate understanding about the migrant journey among Italian citizens who are wary of outsiders; to help break down misconceptions and preconceptions about, primarily, West African people and culture, as well as to serve as an informational touchstone to those in public policy, the media, and others advocating or reporting on the migration issue.

The mission of Migrants of the Mediterranean is to see the trauma people have suffered on their journey and in daily life in Italy and Europe as a reality we see as our own. Only by understanding the crisis of humanity before us are we equipped to address it.

MotM invites you to read its migrant profiles on the site, now, in Italian, where new translations will be published weekly throughout summer 2019.


About Migrants of the Mediterranean
Migrants of the Mediterranean is an online humanitarian storytelling publication that documents the journeys of the individual people who have crossed continents, countries, the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean Sea from their countries of origin to the Sicilian island of Lampedusa––the southernmost European land point from Africa in the Central Mediterranean.

The archive was developed to restore dignity to those who have had it stripped away during travel and trafficking, particularly across Libya where extraordinary human rights abuses, including slavery and torture, have been endured. It is also an account for the historical record. The journey story archive stands as a document from which we can index the realities of migration for some of the world’s most vulnerable at this pivotal time.

Migrants of the Mediterranean founding writer and Italy correspondent, Pamela Kerpius, personally greets arriving migrants in Lampedusa and in cities across the Italian peninsula for one-on-one interviews. Her storytelling continues across the mainland after people are transferred from Lampedusa, often the place of first reception, and documents issues of daily life and integration in Italy while individuals await asylum hearings and their subsequent results.

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